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Predict Market Trends With Accuracy

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Member Services

Know When to Buy/Sell

Want to make it easy? We will provide live buy and sell signals and track portfolio performance.


Reduce Market Risk

Leverage the underlying dynamics of sector performance to avoid pitfalls.


Improve Profit

Directional trends of individual stocks and ETFs to effectively anticipate price movement.



This is how we do it

Humans are social creatures. We consistently thrive with order and react to chaos. Though individual choices are hard to predict, in aggregate, our decisions follow consistent patterns. The market is no exception. By examining cycles of supply and demand or feast and famine through the lens of natural science, an otherwise turbulent ecosystem is revealed as an environment with structure and reinforcing equilibria. Our team identifies stock market movement and cycles with chart projections. We employ a wide-range of analytic techniques, from Elliot Wave principles to reviews of geopolitical shifts. After acquiring this insight, we focus on educating you to compete as a trader and empowering you to grow your portfolio.

Over 80% 3X ETF Win Rate

Outperformance of S&P 500 benchmark

Diverse trades in Energy, Metals, Volatility, Biotech, and more

A new model for investment and trading advice

What sets us apart

We are as far from Wall Street as it gets. We were built from the ground up, on a foundation of friendships and with a constant eye towards pruning and improving of our platform. This product exists to help our peers: the small fish in the big pond, the flexible sapling filled with potential. This unique perspective, ability to innovate, and our commitment to rigorous and objective analysis is our competitive edge. It is our commitment to provide tools to empower you, improve your life, and to help you create your own definition of success.


What People Are Saying

Peter R.

Futures Trader

“Eco is a brilliant analyst and clearly cares about his followers. He’s very transparent in his work as he simultaneously shares his charts from previous analysis with his updated charts, so there’s a clear trail of actual vs expected. I find his road maps and trade signals of great assistance when plotting my next move.”



“Clear, Concise and most most importantly on the money analysis. Eco cares about the well being of his followers and is one of the best analysts I have followed in a long time.”

Eric P.

Full-time Trader

“I’ve studied almost every analyst over the years, and I can honestly say Eco, and the team he has assembled cannot be beat. His subscription service is the ONLY one I’d join”



“Eco has a method to deal with the madness called stock market. A man with high conviction who enjoys helping other find a way in this maze. His timing to put on a trade has generally been remarkably right around the turning point.”

Joshua C.


“Eco has helped me confidently navigate the market through thick and thin. His timing is as good as it gets.”

Maje S.


“I’ve followed EcoQuant for well over a year, and his charts, clear buy and sell signals, and very straightforward posts have consistently been winners for me, even after some challenging times. His volatility calls are spot on! Thanks Eco!”